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<3, k e l s e y [userpic]
first official icon/graphics post woo!...♥
by <3, k e l s e y (beginningtoday)

so here it is...my first official icon/graphics post. yay. :) now i will warn you that some of these icons/graphics are older things that i've collected for this community but have never posted. still the same quality, just with older images. :) hope you enjoy.

included in this post:

ashley tisdale: 26 icons
ashley tisdale/zac efron: 1 icon
vanessa hudgens: 7 icons
ashley tisdale/vanessa hudgens: 4 icons
sharpay evans: 13 icons
sharpay and ryan evans: 3 icons
hilary duff: 2 icons
taylor swift: 10 icons
sharpay evans/troy bolton: 1 icon
wildfire: 20 icons

sharpay evans: 2 headers
vanessa hudgens: 4 headers
hilary duff: 10 headers
taylor swift: 1 header
ashley tisdale/vanessa hudgens: 2 headers
ashley tisdale: 1 header

all under the cut. dial-up users BEWARE...very image heavy!

fry like bacon...Collapse )

so that's it for tonight, folks. :) please remember to comment with icon #'s that you are taking. save to your own hard drive. no hotlinking. credit. ENJOY.

i will also customize any icon or header with no text with whatever text you would like. just comment here with the # of the icon or header and what text you want on it.

enjoy. :)

♥ kelsey

<3, k e l s e y [userpic]
how to credit...♥
by <3, k e l s e y (beginningtoday)
at March 22nd, 2008 (12:58 am)

current mood: excited

knowing how to properly credit an icon maker is VERY important. if you're new to the icon community, follow these simple steps to give proper credit to an icon/graphics maker.

if you're taking a header to use on your personal lj, be sure to credit the maker in your userinfo.

hope this helps. :)

♥, kelsey

<3, k e l s e y [userpic]
hello and welcome...♥
by <3, k e l s e y (beginningtoday)
at March 22nd, 2008 (12:46 am)

hey everybody and welcome to naivetohope! :) beginningtoday here. i'll be your humble icon maker here. this first post is just to welcome everyone. icons/graphics will be coming in another post to follow shortly. i hope everyone enjoys the graphics. :) if you want to, leave a comment here and introduce yourself. it's always nice getting to know someone new. :) until the icons/graphics are posted...

♥ kelsey

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